The Importance Of Real Estate Blogs And Forums

Real estate is all about networking. Online media like blogs and forums offer valuable info and advice.

Realtor websites – you never really paid much attention to them. Google ads with links directing to them lay unnoticed in a corner, waiting to be clicked. But you never paid attention to agent websites. That is until now when you’re actually looking for a house. You have now realized what an invaluable help websites for realtors can be! You know, despite what those self-help books tell you, gossip can be beneficial and I owe a lot to those gossip sessions… gossip kind of has a negative ring to it. I prefer to call it ‘networking’.

So these, uh, ‘networking’ sessions, casual chats with friends which snobs frown upon got me my first job, my first girlfriend and my first house! So you can’t say it doesn’t work. Because classifieds and formal networks can’t list everything, so word gets out on the street first before it goes on to be posted on websites and classifieds. And the online equivalent of gossip is blogs and forums. The word ‘blog’ is a shortened form of web-log – a log that is online, where people share their opinions and thoughts with others. Forums or discussion forums are pages where members post comments and thus effectively have discussions. Blogs and forums are available all over the netscape what with anyone and everyone being able to start one. And the thing with blogs and forums is, they are not bound by rules and regulations like the real full-fledged websites. So bloggers can say pretty much whatever they want! So you can get a lot more info in these. Blogs and forums cover a wide range of topics ranging from the mundane to the nonsensical to relevant social causes.

The blogs you want to be looking at are blogs relevant to the real estate market and realtor websites. Most of these blogs have links to websites for realtors, some of which you probably haven’t even heard of. And it’s just my opinion, but I feel that blogs and forums while accused of being unreliable and not as credible as full-fledged agent websites, they can be surprisingly more accurate and honest sometimes. I remember once, I was looking for a hotel to hold a company seminar.

There was this one place that looked really good and offered a great price. I was really impressed by the photographs. But when I actually went there, those photographs were taken ages ago when the hotel was still new and now the place was in ruins! A forum did warn me about it. In my case, I just gave that place a miss and went on to the next one. But imagine what would happen if you’ve paid hundreds of thousands of dollars of cash and ended up getting a raw deal because of misinformation! Never underestimate the power of gossip.

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